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    Carly Chouteau

    On April 29th we held our introductory webinar for CampMinder’s sustainability initiative, Mindful Camps. If you were not able to join us live, you can view a recording of the webinar below.

    Click here!

    There are several opportunities to get involved this summer. We discuss these in depth in the webinar, and you can access these resources using the links below. We invite you to evaluate what works best for your camp. There is no cost to participate, and you can engage in the activities that excite you the most!

    – First, if you’re here, you know that our community forum is now live! On this site you can register and start sharing your story, questions, and ideas.

    – The Earth Guardians lesson plans are now available. Click here to access your copy!

    – The resource guide is also available here! Don’t forget to check out the outdoor activity and opportunity to win a live concert at your camp by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardian’s Youth Director, in the summer of 2020!

    – Earth Guardians has launched a new app called Earth Tracks to help users calculate their environmental impact. Share this with your campers so they can track their efforts and connect with youth around the globe doing the same. It is now available in the app store!

    – We hope to expand our efforts in the future. To help us identify how we can expand this initiative to best support your camp’s needs, please complete our survey.

    – Please submit your stories and photos so we can highlight your camp and the green initiatives taking place this summer. You can send stories and photos to me directly at carly@campminder.com. We can’t wait to see how you implement sustainable practices at your camp!

    On behalf of the CampMinder and Earth Guardians teams, we are excited to partner with all of you to further sustainable efforts at camp and to engage youth in the conversation!

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